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We want to make it easy for you to get in touch. There are lots of ways to contact us to suit your needs. 

Call us

13 20 92 from NSW. We're here to help from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.

No water? Check our water supply & service updates map to see if we're working near your property.

13 20 90 to report a leak, fault, wastewater overflow or water quality problem (24 hours/7 days).

Prefer to send the details online? If you've seen water where it shouldn't be, such as on a road or footpath, please tell us so we can investigate the problem. If possible, please attach a photo to help us assess the problem.

Report a leak  

We may be able to help if you have a problem at the water meter or on the surrounding pipes. Find out who's responsible for meter maintenance.

Write to us

There are lots of ways to send us something. You can send letters, forms and other documents online, by mail or fax.

Online form

Ask a question, give us information or send an attachment by completing our online form.

Postal address

PO Box 399

Cheque payments

PO Box 339



1300 362 092


Have you received great service? If you'd like to acknowledge a staff member, contractor, product or service:


We understand you may occasionally have a complaint about our service or experience with us. We're committed to managing these complaints quickly, fairly, confidentially and professionally.

We accept and manage complaints to help improve our services, products, decisions and actions. This in turn helps us increase customer satisfaction.

How to make a complaint

We'll send you a confirmation email and complaint reference number when you submit the form, or tell you a complaint reference number if you call us.

If we can't resolve your complaint immediately, we'll provide an initial response within:

  • two working days if you've called or spoken directly to us
  • five working days if you've written to us or sent us an email and we can't respond sooner by phone or in person.

Our initial response may be:

  • a solution that you accept
  • our intended actions to resolve your complaint.

If you're not happy with our solution, you can choose to have the complaint reviewed again by a manager. 

You can also contact the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) any time on 1800 246 545 for free, independent dispute resolution. 

To learn more about how we manage complaints, read our Complaint policy. 

Have you had a loss or damage to your property because of our activities?

You can lodge a claim by completing our incident notification form and emailing or posting it with any related documents. Our details are on the bottom of the form. 

We'll contact you within five days to let you know we've received your claim. We'll then fully investigate your claim and contact you with the outcome.

Find out more about claims for damages.

We speak your language!

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