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Level 1 water restrictions likely to apply from 1 March Updated 18/02/20 15:54

Water restrictions are likely to be eased to level 1 from 1 March, due to the current dam levels. Until then, Level 2 water restrictions remain in place.

Are you a volunteer with RFS, SES or an Army Reservist? Updated 13/02/20 12:48

If you are self-employed, or your employer did not provide volunteer leave for the full period you were deployed during the bushfire crisis, you may be entitled to a credit on your account.

Does your home need a FREE WaterFix®? Updated 10/02/20 18:34

We all need to do our bit to help save water.

If you have dripping or leaking taps or showerheads, contact us and our licensed plumbers will repair or replace them. Our special offers can help you save thousands of litres of water each year!

Do you know how we get world class water to your property?

Sydney's water is from fresh, natural sources and is filtered to high standards. 

It’s clean and safe to drink straight from the tap.

Do you know your rights and obligations as a customer?

Our Customer Contract sets out our minimum service standards and your rights and obligations as a customer.

To find out more, read Our contract with you which summarises the full contract.