Kitchen & laundry

About six per cent of all household water is used in the kitchen and about 16% is used in the laundry. Being water efficient in the kitchen and laundry requires both smart behaviours and technologies.

How to choose water efficient products

WELS water rating label

Look out for the WELS label when you're shopping.

When you're buying water efficient products for your kitchen and laundry, make sure you look out for products regulated under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme. The label is designed to help you make informed choices about the water efficiency of products you're buying.

  • Taps - Choose taps with at least a 4-star WELS rating. You can also install aerators that screw onto the end of your current tap. They can reduce the flow rate by more than 50% without reducing pressure.
  • Washing machines - Choose a front-loading washing machine with at least a 4.5-star WELS rating. Always make sure that you have a full load of washing before you turn on your machine.
  • Dishwashers - Choose a dishwasher with at least a 5-star WELS rating and always make sure that your dishwasher is full before you turn it on.

How to save water at home

  • Watch this video from Bunnings on how to save water throughout your home.
  • Repair leaks. Undetected household leaks are a common reason for high water use. Regularly check taps, pipes and fittings around your home.
Gym guy Full loads of washing

You don't have to train naked at the gym to save water. It's much easier to wait for a full load of washing. There are many ways to save water, some are better than others.

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